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Job Price
Decal design and realization
We will draw tailor-made design of your motorbike, discuss it with you, review your comments and implement it on your motorbike. Prices are individual and depend on the complexity of the design and the materials used. Please contact us for accurate pricing. Price does not include any painting, but we can arrange that in cooperation with experienced painter.
250 - 850 EUR
Repeated decals
In motorsport it's not rare that the motorcycle fairings get damaged and it's necessary to do the decals again. For such case, we save all the data from the first job and it's not needed to re-draw and process the design again. We just cut the foil and stick on the motorcycle. The price is between 30% - 50% of the original price.
150 - 400 EUR
Cleaning the fairings and removing old decals
Fairings must be perfectly clean for applying new decals, without any leftovers of old stickers. If you do not have time for this task, we will do it for you. The price is individual, depending on the amount of old stickers and overall bike cleaniness.
20 - 150 EUR
Bike transport
We apply the decals in Stupava town. You can bring the bike to us yourself or we'll come to pick it up for you. The cost of transport is based on mileage.
0,70 EUR / km